National Pickle Day - November 14
Mon, Nov 14, 2022

National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day is celebrated on November 14 in the United States and brings together lovers of tart and spicy pickles. In fact, the brine is a drink, and it contains pickled vegetables. We know people who don’t eat pickles but love to drink pickles. What about you?


People have been pickling for many years. The researchers found that pickled cucumbers were still among the civilizations of Mesopotamia. This process ensured the long-term preservation of vegetables, which was relevant for travelers and zealous housewives.

Perhaps pickles have no value in terms of nutrition – people who adhere to a healthy diet are sure that there is not much usefulness in them. Usually they are beautifully stacked on the table as a decoration for the so-called healthy dishes. But if you use them in moderation, nothing bad will happen. You can say that to nutritionists who almost faint from so much salt!

Scientists believe that even Cleopatra ate pickles with pleasure. She said that her beauty depends on these vegetables! By the way, modern pregnant women also do not mind eating something salty: pickled vegetables are on the first lines of this rating.

Interesting facts

6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Brine:

  1. Due to the high amount of sodium, the product helps the body retain fluid, relieving muscle cramps. This is especially true for athletes.
  2. Contains probiotics that have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora.
  3. Thanks to acetic acid, less starch is broken down into calories, contributing to weight loss.
  4. Regulates blood sugar.
  5. Lowers cholesterol.
  6. Helps with hangovers by replenishing sodium and fluid stores in the body.

How to celebrate

Enjoy vegetables and marinade on National Day! Try new recipes or remember old ones. Tell useful information to others to make them aware of the effects of brine on the body. Promote the holiday on social media and see how many product lovers are around!

When is National Pickle Day celebrated in 2022?

National Pickle Day is observed on November 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 14 2022
Tuesday November 14 2023
Thursday November 14 2024
Friday November 14 2025
Saturday November 14 2026

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