National Pickle Day - November 14
Tue, Nov 14, 2023

National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day is celebrated on the 14th of November in the United States, bringing together those who appreciate the tart and spicy taste of pickles. It’s not just the cucumbers that are pickled – the brine is also a drink, containing pickled vegetables. Some people don’t eat pickles but do love to drink them – what about you?


Pickling has been around for many years now, with researchers even finding evidence of pickled cucumbers being used by the civilizations of Mesopotamia. This process of pickling was used to preserve vegetables for extended periods of time, especially useful for travelers and frugal housewives.

You may think that pickles are not particularly nutritious – those who follow a healthy diet may not consider it as a valuable addition to their meals. Pickles are often simply used as a decorative addition to dishes, although if consumed in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these salty treats. Even Cleopatra was said to enjoy a pickle or two, believing that it contributed to her beauty. Pickles are also a popular snack for pregnant women too!

Interesting facts

Apart from the delicious taste of pickles, here are some unexpected health benefits of consuming them:

  • Due to the high sodium content, they help the body retain fluid, relieving muscle cramps, especially beneficial for athletes.
  • The probiotics present in pickles are beneficial to your intestinal microflora.
  • The acetic acid present in pickles helps reduce the amount of starch broken down into calories, aiding weight loss.
  • Pickles help to regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • They can help to lower your cholesterol levels.
  • Pickles can help with hangovers by replenishing your body’s sodium and fluid stores.

How to take part

On National Pickle Day, why not try out some new recipes or remember some old ones? Share the health benefits of pickles with others and promote the holiday on social media to see how many fellow pickle-lovers are out there!

When is National Pickle Day celebrated in 2023?

National Pickle Day is observed on November 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 14 2023
Thursday November 14 2024
Friday November 14 2025
Saturday November 14 2026

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