National Pharmacist Day - January 12
Fri, Jan 12, 2024

National Pharmacist Day

National Pharmacist Day is an American holiday that was created to honor the work of pharmacists. These people are always ready to help with the choice of medicines, offer analogues, and advise individual items. The holiday is celebrated every year on January 12th.


There is no exact information about when this holiday was established. It is believed that National Pharmacist Day was invented by a group of American pharmacists who wanted to draw public attention to such an important profession, which often goes unnoticed.

In ancient times, pharmacists were called herbalists. These people selected the optimal herbal formulations that were used to treat various diseases.

The official separation between doctors and pharmacists occurred in 1683 in Bruges, Belgium. Then the relevant law was passed, according to which doctors were forbidden to create drugs for the treatment of their patients. The first pharmacy was established in America in 1751.

The role of pharmacists increased significantly after the Second World War, when medicine began to develop rapidly. Today, these people are responsible for compliance with the established requirements for the storage of medicines, the selection of optimal medicines as prescribed by a doctor. In addition, pharmacists must have a good understanding of the properties of drugs sold and their interactions in order to provide professional advice to buyers.

Interesting facts

  • Trade enterprises that sell medicines were established in ancient China. Today they are called pharmacies.
  • The term “pharmacist” is of ancient Greek origin. It can be deciphered as “a person who gives healing and relieves diseases.”
  • The oldest symbol of pharmaceuticals is a cup with a mortar. Today we can observe in pharmacies a bowl that is wrapped around a snake. A similar image was in the 6th century BC.

How to celebrate

Visit pharmacies on National Pharmacist Day and express your gratitude to pharmacists for their rather difficult, but important work for the whole society. Congratulate your friends and acquaintances on the holiday, if one of them works in pharmacies.

Learn on this day more information about the origin of such a direction as pharmaceuticals. Tell about the holiday on social networks so that more people know about it.

When is National Pharmacist Day celebrated in 2024?

National Pharmacist Day is observed on January 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday January 12 2024
Sunday January 12 2025
Monday January 12 2026
Tuesday January 12 2027