National Peking Duck Day - January 18
Thu, Jan 18, 2024

National Peking Duck Day

National Peking Duck Day is an American holiday dedicated to this wonderful holiday dish. It came to us from China and has become familiar to many people. Very often it can be found in the menu of restaurants, as well as on festive family tables. It is celebrated annually on January 18.


It is not known at what time and who proposed to celebrate National Peking Duck Day. The recipe for the dish dates back to the period of Kublai Khan. It was the 13th century AD. The ruler was delighted with this dish, which was often prepared for him by servants.

Despite the apparent simplicity, in order to prepare a dish, certain requirements must be observed. The main feature that distinguishes Peking duck is its crispy crust.

For cooking, you must use a white Peking duck. The recommended age is 65 days. After plucking and additional processing, the meat is soaked in boiling water. Next, the duck is dried on skewers for 24 hours, at the same time it is covered with sugar icing. After the expiration of the period, the duck is baked in the oven (also in limbo), the carcass is periodically lubricated with secreted fat. Then it is cut and served on the table.

Interesting facts

  • The classic serving of the dish provides for the following composition: first, the top skin with a crust is placed on the plate, meat is laid out on it, sauce and vegetables are placed on top (can be changed to taste). You can make soup from the legs and wings.
  • The optimal weight of a bird for cooking is 3 kg, with most of the weight being fat. In the process of cooking, the weight of the meat usually drops to 1 kg.
  • In the classic recipe, the dish is cooked over a fruit tree fire or in an oven over barely smoldering coals.

How to celebrate

Cook Peking duck this holiday with family or friends around the table. You can also visit a Chinese restaurant to try this dish in the original performance from the best chefs.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Let more people know about National Peking Duck Day and enjoy the taste of this dish.

When is National Peking Duck Day celebrated in 2024?

National Peking Duck Day is observed on January 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 18 2024
Saturday January 18 2025
Sunday January 18 2026
Monday January 18 2027

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