National Oysters Rockefeller Day - January 10
Wed, Jan 10, 2024

National Oysters Rockefeller Day

National Oysters Rockefeller Day celebrates an amazing dish! Seafood has always been a part of the human diet, nothing has changed today – now they are getting even more attention because of their benefits. Oysters, in addition to their amazing taste, have the title of a delicacy.


The Oysters Rockefeller recipe was created in 1899. It happened at Antoine’s, located in New Orleans. The founder is the son of the man who opened the restaurant – Jules Altiator. He did not search for the name of the dish for long, preferring one of the richest millionaires in America named John Davison Rockefeller. Jules believed that this symbolizes success and wealth.

He was not mistaken – oysters really were a success, and the rumor about a delicious dish was passed from one person to another. It is noteworthy that the original recipe remained a mystery – the chefs could only guess about the exact ratio of ingredients, so they created a huge number of prototypes. Usually the composition includes garlic, butter, herbs, breadcrumbs, spices. Oysters were served in all restaurants that valued their name. National Day appeared only in 2017.

Interesting facts

Did you know that oysters:

  • at one time they were considered food for the poor: noble people disdained to try them. But when seafood practically disappeared from the coast, it automatically became a delicacy due to its rarity;
  • know how to change gender;
  • are a strong aphrodisiac;
  • depending on the species, they can reach up to 37 centimeters;
  • do not live in absolutely fresh water;
  • pearls are grown – these species are considered inedible;
  • have a high protein content and are very useful.

How to celebrate

Head to your favorite restaurant on National Oysters Rockefeller Day and sample the dish! It’s great if it’s Antoine’s, because history was born here. Tell your friends about the holiday and take them with you.

When is National Oysters Rockefeller Day celebrated in 2024?

National Oysters Rockefeller Day is observed on January 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 10 2024
Friday January 10 2025
Saturday January 10 2026
Sunday January 10 2027