National Noodle Ring Day - December 11
Sun, Dec 11, 2022

National Noodle Ring Day

Fans of flour products are waiting for National Noodle Ring Day, because today you can’t deny yourself your favorite dishes, even if you follow a strict diet. There are many recipes – choosing the right one is not difficult. The main ingredient here, as you understand, is noodles, and you can experiment with the rest!


The person who created National Day has not yet been found, but similar recipes already existed in the 1900s. Researchers believe that the noodle rings were originally created in Pennsylvania. The recipe was simple: pasta was mixed with milk, cheese, eggs and baked. Purchased products simply did not exist then, so now, in order to repeat the recipe, it is better to make noodles yourself! By the way, the first pasta factory opened in New York at the end of the 19th century – products were dried on the roofs of houses.

An analogue of the dish originated among the Jews. Kugel noodles are still a traditional dish. True, according to the classic recipe, it was prepared with the addition of eggs and goose fat, and only after that it sparkled with other colors. Now many people like to experiment, supplementing it with ketchup, mushrooms, vegetables, poultry, cream … The mass is transferred to a ring mold and baked until tender.

Interesting facts

Unusual facts about pasta:

  • love for products is in the blood of Italians. For 1 year, the population of the country eats so much pasta that their length is commensurate with the diameter of our planet, multiplied by 10 thousand times;
  • colored noodles attract the eye: tomatoes are added to the red one, spinach is added to the green one;
  • researchers have discovered an amazing find in China dating back to the second millennium BC. – a vessel with pasta;
  • in the Middle Ages, the Pope controlled the quality of products.

How to celebrate

Gather the family around the festive table on National Noodle Ring Day and treat yourself to a unique dish! Unfortunately, now it is not so popular, but it is in our power to change this. Ask friends to participate in cooking, find out their wishes and ideas. Take pictures of the resulting masterpieces, post them on social networks and tell your subscribers about the date!

When is National Noodle Ring Day celebrated in 2022?

National Noodle Ring Day is observed on December 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 11 2022
Monday December 11 2023
Wednesday December 11 2024
Thursday December 11 2025
Friday December 11 2026