National Mushroom Month - September
Fri, Sep 1, 2023

National Mushroom Month

National Mushroom Month is a time dedicated to raising people’s awareness of the amazing and diverse range of mushrooms. The event is supported by the US Department of Agriculture, whose experts use different channels to talk about the importance of mushrooms in human life and their health benefits. The more you learn about mushrooms, the more important they will become to you.


Mushrooms were first used in cooking in ancient Egypt, confirmed by the hieroglyphs found in the tombs. Then mushrooms were considered a source of immortality, therefore they were available only to the wealthy elite. In 1990, a law was signed in America regulating the promotion of mushrooms, relevant research, and consumer information. As part of following this law, the US Mushroom Council has established a month dedicated to this. The corresponding law was signed by George H. W. Bush, the president of America at the time. However, the measure came into force only in 1993.

Interesting facts about mushrooms

  • The mushroom capital of the world is located in the small town of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. About a million pounds of mushrooms are produced here every day.
  • Every year Kennett Square hosts the Mushroom Festival, which begins with a parade. Guests can also visit mushroom farms and wholesalers and buy fresh mushrooms or dishes from them.
  • Mushrooms are a source of various useful substances – copper, potassium, protein, fiber, zinc, and selenium. Scientists continue research in the medicinal uses for mushrooms.
  • There are edible and non-edible mushrooms. Only cultivated species are available in stores, not wild ones. They are available all year round.
  • Distinctive features of poisonous mushrooms are red on the stem or cap, white gills, or a ring or skirt on the stem.

How to take part

Expand your cookbook with some new mushroom recipes. It can be soup, scrambled eggs, or pizza. Share the holiday on social media using the hashtag #NationalMushroomMonth. Carefully study the types of mushrooms and make your own chart of your most favorite ones. But we do not recommend picking mushrooms in the wild, since it is very difficult to distinguish edible from inedible species. Better visit the nearest store or a farm.

When is National Mushroom Month celebrated in 2023?

National Mushroom Month is observed on September 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 1 2023
Sunday September 1 2024
Monday September 1 2025
Tuesday September 1 2026