National Mason Jar Day - November 30
Wed, Nov 30, 2022

National Mason Jar Day

National Mason Jar Day is celebrated on November 30 in the USA and is dedicated to the most famous banks that have practically gone around the world! What is so special about them that the products were awarded a separate holiday? Find out in this article!


In 1858, blacksmith John L. Mason brought the idea to life and created a machine that could cut metal blanks for cans according to its strength. From that moment on, a new era in canning happened! The lids fit tightly to the product, creating 100% tightness thanks to an elastic band and a metal hoop. The hostesses tirelessly thanked for such a find, because the conservation process has now become simple and comfortable.

Jars are sold with lids or separately. Important: the lid can only be used once and then replaced with a new one. The peak of popularity in America came in the 1960s, products were used everywhere: in decoration, put smoothies and desserts in them, poured jams … Perhaps you drank ginger tea or lemonade from it more than once – sometimes a special slot for a straw is added, which adds aesthetics.

Interesting facts

Notably, Mason jars:

  • collected by collectors. It is easy to find antique models at auctions, the price of which often skyrockets;
  • serve as light: unusual lamps are made from them, decorating apartments and adding comfort to the atmosphere;
  • often used to store small items – for example, buttons, cosmetics, various small items;
  • often painted, covered with lace, fabric – it looks wonderful!

How to celebrate

On National Day, use the jar for any occasion: the main ones are listed above, but you can always add your own! Present the product to your mother, grandmother, friend – make a nice gesture. Throw a party and use Mason as much as possible.

When is National Mason Jar Day celebrated in 2022?

National Mason Jar Day is observed on November 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 30 2022
Thursday November 30 2023
Saturday November 30 2024
Sunday November 30 2025
Monday November 30 2026