National Lost Sock Memorial Day - May 9
Thu, May 9, 2024

National Lost Sock Memorial Day

National Lost Sock Memorial Day sounds ridiculous, but it really exists, as everyone has lost a sock at least once. It is unimaginable how socks can get lost in an apartment.

The History

Socks were first made many centuries ago. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular items: men, women, children, and even dogs wear them. People come up with a lot of jokes, buy them as a gift, and choose non-standard socks. But why exactly National Lost Sock Day appeared is unknown.

People experience real confusion, even suffering, when they cannot find the right pair of socks. Gray, black, white, red, blue sock. Where are their mates? It is unlikely they will ever be found. So Memorial Day was created in honor of the lost socks. There is a version that the first such event was held not long after the first socks were created. In a week, the happy owner of a warm woolen pair could not find one of them.

Interesting Facts

What interesting things do we know about socks?

  1. The first pair was created in the 8th century BC.
  2. There is a company in Poland solving complex problems. One of them is called the Lost Socks Calculator.
  3. According to a survey, every month the average person loses 1-2 socks.

On this day, everyone can do useful things using their remaining socks: make stuffed toys, potholders, dog clothes, warmers, or a pet pillow.

When is National Lost Sock Memorial Day celebrated in 2024?

National Lost Sock Memorial Day is observed on May 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday May 9 2024
Friday May 9 2025