National Liqueur Day - October 16
Sun, Oct 16, 2022

National Liqueur Day

National Liqueur Day is celebrated every year on October 16 and is dedicated to a huge number of types of this alcoholic drink. In some parts of the US, the liquor may be referred to as schnapps or tincture. Liquor is an alcoholic drink made from distilled alcohol. Alcohol is flavored with fruits, herbs, spices, cream, flowers, and nuts.


The story begins at least 400 BC, when drinks were made from distilled wine in Egypt. Often mixed with honey to make mead. Liqueurs originated from medicinal herbs prepared by Italian monks in the 13th century. Bitter herbs were brewed and sugar was added. So bitterness was removed and it was easier for patients to take medicines. Alcohol was added to enhance the healing agent.

The word liqueur comes from the Latin liquifacere, meaning to liquefy. Today, in order for an alcoholic drink to be classified as a liquor, it must contain at least 2,5% sugar. Often served as a dessert drink and as a flavoring in mixed drinks.

Interesting facts

  • in the 1300s, European monks made liquor from medicinal herbs;
  • in 1533, the drink is presented to the French court and becomes its fashionable drink;
  • 4 types of liquor have their day in the calendar, namely: Amaretto, Kahlua, Absinthe and Great Marnier.

How to celebrate

Drink liquor with friends or family. Share your favorite liqueur on social media using the hashtag #NationalLiqueurDay. Ask the bartender to make your favorite cocktail, try something new. Make your own, there are many different recipes on the Internet. See if you have a liquor factory nearby, visit it, find out all the processes and subtleties of making this drink.

When is National Liqueur Day celebrated in 2022?

National Liqueur Day is observed on October 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 16 2022
Monday October 16 2023
Wednesday October 16 2024
Thursday October 16 2025
Friday October 16 2026