National Licorice Day - April 12
Fri, Apr 12, 2024

National Licorice Day

National Licorice Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to licorice. This wonderful ingredient is in many of the candies we love! The holiday encourages you to learn more about this plant-based ingredient and to try dishes using it. It is celebrated on April 12.


Licorice is extracted from the plant of the same name. It is dried at the root and the root part of the stem. It contains about 20% of sugars, which gives the product a sweet taste. In general, the taste characteristics are difficult to describe: there are sour shades, sweet and even herbaceous-bitter. The result is a holistic, complex picture of flavor, which is why so many people love licorice!

Liquorice has been known since ancient Egypt. It was found in the tombs of the pharaohs, so the fact of its use in this state is officially confirmed! Many rulers (Napoleon, Caesar, etc.) were big fans of licorice. They believed that this component has medicinal properties. Licorice is an excellent cough cure (infusion is used) and allows you to clean the lymph, normalizing the work of internal organs.

Interesting facts

  • Liquorice belongs to the legume family. Its closest relatives are beans and lentils.
  • Consumption of licorice helps to normalize the work of the adrenal glands. They are responsible for the production of some sex hormones, and are also active under stress. In other words, it is an excellent herbal assistant in the fight against stress.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the health benefits of licorice. Try liquorice in its pure form or infusions based on it. Prepare various dishes with this ingredient. You can easily find recipes on the Internet.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Ask users if they have tried licorice. What kind of impression did it make?

When is National Licorice Day celebrated in 2024?

National Licorice Day is observed on April 12 each year.


Friday April 12 2024
Saturday April 12 2025
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