National Ice Cream Day - July
Sun, Jul 16, 2023

National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of July. At this time, millions of Americans buy their favorite ice cream to enjoy. This holiday was established in 1984 by US President Ronald Reagan. To this day, millions of adults and children in America love this day.

The History

Executive Order 5219 states ice cream is the perfect dessert that 90% of Americans love and eat regularly. The document also says the holiday should be accompanied by appropriate events and celebrations. The facts given in the Presidential Decree are in line with statistics given by the International Dairy Association – the cold dessert industry accounts for about $10 billion a year. Americans really love their ice cream.

Interesting Facts

  • About 10% of the milk produced by American farms is used for ice cream.
  • Many countries claim to be the creators of ice cream, but it is believed it was invented in China, around the 7th century.
  • Ice cream came to America from Europe and quickly became a favorite delicacy of the rich. Until the 19th century, only members of the elite could afford ice cream. After the production technology improved, the dessert became available to everyone.

How to take part

Go to the nearest store and buy your favorite ice cream. You can also visit a café and order a delicious dessert. In America, many stores hold sales and cafes offer promotions on National Ice Cream Day. Prepare your favorite homemade ice cream; delicious, but also healthy. Add fresh fruits, berries, or nuts to it.

When is National Ice Cream Day celebrated in 2023?

National Ice Cream Day is observed on the third Sunday in July each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 16 2023
Sunday July 21 2024
Sunday July 20 2025
Sunday July 19 2026