National Ice Cream Cake Day - June 27
Thu, Jun 27, 2024

National Ice Cream Cake Day

In the US, there are National Cake Days and Ice Cream Days. But there is also a holiday reminding you both desserts can be combined into one. It is National Ice Cream Cake Day.


Joanna Jurado was a mother of three children and lived happily with her husband for almost 32 years. Three months before her 32nd wedding anniversary (which would have been celebrated in June 2018), she had a fatal accident. The Jurado family was deeply distressed by the loss of their wife and mother, but after the grief came acceptance of the situation: it was necessary to carry on.

In memory of Joanna, the Jurado family decided to set aside a special day. Joanna loved fun, funny holidays, and ‘special days’. She also liked ice cream cake and believed it was the best treat for any holiday.

Joanna’s youngest daughter, Jenna, remembered this and came up with a great solution. In May 2018, she petitioned to have Joanna Jurado’s birthday (June 27) registered as National Ice Cream Cake Day. And on June 22, the holiday appeared in the Calendar of National Days. Now, it is celebrated not only by the Jurado family.

Interesting Facts

The prototype of the ice cream cake was created in Alaska in 1867 in honor of the US acquisition of the territory from Russia. It was a biscuit with meringue and ice cream.

How to Take Part

Celebrating National Ice Cream Cake Day is impossible without this wonderful dessert.

  1. Order an ice cream cake from your favorite company and eat it with your family.
  2. Make your own ice cream cake. You can use unusual ingredients—show your imagination! Do not forget that this delicacy can be made in two ways. Bake cake layers and cover them with ice cream, or form a cake with different types of ice cream and decorate with whipped cream, icing, chocolate chips, or fruit.
  3. Post about the holiday on social media with a photo of your treat using the #NationalIceCreamCakeDay hashtag.

When is National Ice Cream Cake Day celebrated in 2024?

National Ice Cream Cake Day is observed on June 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 27 2024
Friday June 27 2025
Saturday June 27 2026
Sunday June 27 2027
Tuesday June 27 2028
Wednesday June 27 2029

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