National Hot Chocolate Day - January 31
Wed, Jan 31, 2024

National Hot Chocolate Day

Hot chocolate is one of the favorite drinks of all children and adults. He is able to warm even on the most gloomy and rainy day. Few people know that even a holiday is dedicated to him – National Hot Chocolate Day. The date of celebration is January 31st.


The history of the drink is connected with cocoa beans, which were used by ancient people. They tried to crush them as much as possible, and then poured boiling water over them. The resulting mixture was used for religious ceremonies. A few centuries later, sugar for Europeans ceased to be a luxury. Chocolate beans began to be used to create bars and sweets.

In the early 1820s, powdered chocolate was first created and mixed with hot milk. The recipe for the drink began to resemble the one that is known today. In 1948, a Swiss company called “Nesquik” was founded. Their main product was an instant additive that made hot chocolate easy and simple. In 2004, Starbucks added the popular drink to its menu.

Interesting facts

  1. Hot chocolate is not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy. It improves brain activity, has a beneficial effect on memory, lowers cholesterol and fights heart disease.
  2. Hot chocolate contains the most antioxidants compared to other drinks, including red wine and tea.
  3. The first who began to add milk to the drink are the British.
  4. One cup is able to improve mood and accelerate the production of endorphins – the so-called “hormones of happiness.”

How to celebrate

The most important attribute of the holiday is hot chocolate. You can buy it almost everywhere, but it is much more interesting to cook it yourself. Especially lazy cooks buy ready-made powders, but there are a huge number of interesting recipes on the Internet that even beginners can handle.

It’s best to be creative when it comes to cooking. It is not enough to simply make a drink according to a boring scheme by mixing all the ingredients. You can add mint, cinnamon, ground pepper or other spices.

Spend the day with friends or family. Prepare a cup of hot chocolate for everyone, turn on an interesting movie, light a fire and make yourself comfortable. The evening promises to be very happy. He will take you back to childhood and make you forget for a few hours.

When is National Hot Chocolate Day celebrated in 2024?

National Hot Chocolate Day is observed on January 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 31 2024
Friday January 31 2025
Saturday January 31 2026
Sunday January 31 2027