National Horchata Day - September 24
Sat, Sep 24, 2022

National Horchata Day

National Horchata Day has been celebrated on September 2001 since 24. If you haven’t heard of horchata before, it’s time to join in the celebration and expand your knowledge of unusual drinks. Traditionally, horchata consists of white rice that is soaked in water, seasoned with almonds, cinnamon, sugar, and tiger nuts. The mixture is crushed and strained to separate the drink from the solids.


Horchata turns out to be pleasant, soft in taste with a milky texture. There are many ways to drink horchata – neat, with the addition of milk or flavorings such as coconut or vanilla. Nutritionists note the rich vitamin composition and benefits of the drink. The drink’s roots are Mexican, but it’s incredibly popular in the US. According to another version, horchata appeared in West Africa, where it was called “kuunu aya”.

Interesting Facts

  • Horchata is considered one of the most ancient drinks, the recipe was known in 2400 BC.
  • Horchata came to Spain during the Muslim conquest.
  • The Romans also made a drink, but they used barley instead of the tiger nut, as they believed that this cereal had healing properties.
  • Residents of Mexico and Nigeria believe that horchata is an aphrodisiac.

How to celebrate

Share fun facts about horchata, write on social networks, use the hashtags #NationalHorchataDay. Today there is a wide variety of flavors of horchata, some sweet, others more spicy. Choose your favorite or try a few to rank the flavors. You can find ways to make horchata on the Internet, put on an apron, stock up on food and start cooking.

When is National Horchata Day in 2022?

National Horchata Day is observed on September 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 24 2022
Sunday September 24 2023
Tuesday September 24 2024
Wednesday September 24 2025
Thursday September 24 2026