National Herb and Spice Day - June 10
Mon, Jun 10, 2024

National Herb and Spice Day

Spices bring a diverse palette of flavors to any dish; these valuable food additives are honored on June 10 on National Herb and Spice Day. Feel the piquancy of the moment.

The History

Spices and herbs are of great importance in cooking. Primitive people began to add plant leaves and berries as additives to meat. With the development of trade relations between different lands, spices acquired the status of valuable sought-after commodities. This happened in the XIII century. Herbs and spices appeared in North America with the arrival of Columbus in the XV-XVI centuries.

Interesting Facts

Without spices or aromatic herbs, dishes lose their uniqueness, originality, and taste potential. Supplements help to bring these to the fore.

  1. Plants used as condiments can be grown on a windowsill. Simple and useful!
  2. The wise King Solomon willingly accepted gold, jewelry, and spices as gifts and offerings.
  3. Chinese sages compiled reference books listing medicinal plants with valuable effects that are safe and healthy. There were thousands of names.

Popular herbs and spices include bay leaves, ground or fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, and cumin.

How to take part

Cultivate and take care of an herb garden. It is eco-friendly and provides fresh greens for the table.

Ability to work with spices is highly appreciated in the circle of culinary masters and famous chefs.

When is National Herb and Spice Day celebrated in 2024?

National Herb and Spice Day is observed on June 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 10 2024
Tuesday June 10 2025