National Happy Hour Day - November 12
Sun, Nov 12, 2023

National Happy Hour Day

National Happy Hour Day is celebrated in the USA on November 12th, and it is the best date to grab your loved ones and head to your favorite restaurant. Most bars and pubs offer amazing discounts on alcohol and delicious dishes, so why not enjoy a cozy evening and save some money?


The phrase “happy hour” is hard to trace back, but if you’re referring to a time for entertainment, then it likely dates back to 1913. This was when alcohol was banned in the US, so the phrase took on a new meaning. Although the day has not been officially declared, many activists have tried to make it an official holiday.

Interesting facts

  • After the first glass of alcohol, the brain starts to respond after around 6 minutes.
  • 30% of alcoholic drinks are homemade.
  • The strongest beer is called “Snake Venom” and contains 67.5% alcohol.
  • Red wine is stronger than white wine, as red grapes contain more sugar.
  • A bottle of champagne contains over 49 million bubbles, with a pressure comparable to that of a car tire.
  • According to some studies, humans have been making alcohol since the Neolithic.
  • There is a phobia for an empty glass.

How to take part

Check out the offers of local bars and pubs, and take your friends out to explore them at a discount. Alternatively, you can throw a happy hour party at home and make it as noisy as you like!

When is National Happy Hour Day celebrated in 2023?

National Happy Hour Day is observed on November 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday November 12 2023
Tuesday November 12 2024
Wednesday November 12 2025
Thursday November 12 2026