National Handwriting Day - January 23
Tue, Jan 23, 2024

National Handwriting Day

Beautiful, correct handwriting has become a rarity in the modern world, where handwritten text is almost supplanted by machine text. People use computers and have practically forgotten how to write by hand. The creators of National Handwriting Day decided to remind the public of the importance of handwriting, which emphasizes the individuality and sensuality of everyone.


American teachers since the mid-70s. began to worry that the computer-generated test had become more common than the handwritten test. At first, this concerned only adults, but over time, students realized that typing on the keyboard is much faster and easier.

National Handwriting Day was initiated by the members of the Association of manufacturers of writing instruments. The date of the celebration decided to choose January 23. John Hancock was born on this day. The signature of the famous American politician stands out from the rest in the US Declaration of Independence. It is so pretentious that it has become overgrown with myths and legends, and has also become a colloquial synonym for the word signature.

Useful facts

  • The first handwritten texts date back to 3400 BC. e. They are considered to be clay tablets with cuneiform, invented in Mesopotamia.
  • At the beginning of the XVIII century. began to open schools for the training of scribes.
  • You can learn a lot about a person from handwriting. Experts determine not only the character traits of the writer, but also his emotional state, age and even lifestyle.

How to celebrate

You can join the general celebration quite simply: take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and write a few lines.

Get together in a friendly company, each invitee writes a few short sentences. Sheets without signatures are stacked, and then the participants try to characterize the writer by handwriting and guess who it belongs to.

It will be informative to devote January 23 to the study of the history of the emergence of writing or the science of graphology.

You can simply experiment with your handwriting or come up with a new signature that will emphasize your individuality with a special curl or unusual stroke.

When is National Handwriting Day celebrated in 2024?

National Handwriting Day is observed on January 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 23 2024
Thursday January 23 2025
Friday January 23 2026
Saturday January 23 2027

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