National Green Bean Casserole Day - December 3
Sat, Dec 3, 2022

National Green Bean Casserole Day

National Green Bean Casserole Day is celebrated on December 3rd in the United States. The holiday dish is loved by many Americans. Cooking it is not difficult – anyone can do it, so go to the kitchen and support the date!


National Day was founded by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, dubbed the “Queen of the Holidays”. And indeed, the writer created many non-traditional dates that no one had thought about before. During her career, the girl has written thousands of articles about various holidays, she knows literally everything about them!

Green Bean Casserole is often served at celebrations. For example, the dish is prepared for Thanksgiving. Lovers use it regardless of the date, because it is as simple as possible. Cream of mushroom soup and green beans are mixed or stacked in separate layers. Some use the top of a French fried onion. One look at the casserole makes you salivate!

The recipe was written in 1955 by Dorcas “Dottie” Reilly. The girl decided to create a delicious dish from ingredients that are always at hand. She did it! Since 1960, Dorcas has been posting recipe descriptions on cans of mushroom soup. Every day more and more people tried Green Bean Casserole and could no longer refuse it.

Interesting facts

Notably, green beans:

  • useful for diabetics – they regulate blood sugar;
  • they contain calcium and vitamin K, so they strengthen bones well;
  • excellent effect on vision;
  • rich in fiber, which helps to reduce cholesterol in the body;
  • raw contains toxins – a certain amount is found in the plant;
  • may have a non-standard shade: white, pink, purple.

How to celebrate

Make a casserole and invite your loved ones over for dinner. Experiment – give the dish your own flavor notes, perhaps you have ideas about this? Arrange competitions for the best cooking!

When is National Green Bean Casserole Day celebrated in 2022?

National Green Bean Casserole Day is observed on December 3 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 3 2022
Sunday December 3 2023
Tuesday December 3 2024
Wednesday December 3 2025
Thursday December 3 2026