National Educational Support Professionals Day - November
Wed, Nov 16, 2022

National Educational Support Professionals Day

National Educational Support Professionals Day is celebrated in the United States on Wednesday during American Education Week. When we talk about those who support the sphere, we immediately think about teachers. Yes, they play an important role, but it is customary to keep silent about the rest of the staff of educational organizations. Such people remain in the shadows, but they do a great job – find out more about it!


National Day was founded in 1987 by the NEA Assembly. It was originally called “Education Support Staff”, then the first word was changed to “specialist” to demonstrate a more important role. Changes took place in 2002. The holiday affects school bus drivers, cleaners, medical staff, cooks, keeping order.

Statistics based on the results of NEAToday: 80% of school staff work full-time, more than 60% donate money from their personal budget for the needs of students, about $ 170 comes out a year. The daily hard work for the benefit of the future of our children must be noticed – the date calls for this.

Interesting facts

Notably, ESP:

  • in the field of public catering are 95% of the female team;
  • take care of the safety of all those in the buildings;
  • most live in the area where the educational institution is located;
  • work with students with special educational needs;
  • mostly remain in the profession until retirement;
  • are responsible for the proper functioning of school processes – this link cannot be thrown out of the chain without serious consequences.

How to celebrate

The holiday does not have much popularity, and it is only in our power to promote it. Publish posts on social networks, tell your loved ones about it. Say thanks to your local ESP – send a thank you card or visit in person. Offer your help if you are ready to work at the school!

When is National Educational Support Professionals Day celebrated in 2022?

National Educational Support Professionals Day is observed on the Wednesday during American Education Week each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 16 2022
Wednesday November 15 2023
Wednesday November 13 2024
Wednesday November 12 2025
Wednesday November 18 2026

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