National DJ Day - January 20
Sat, Jan 20, 2024

National DJ Day

National DJ Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to DJs. These professionals in their field are integral participants in any major musical and celebratory events where a person is needed who is well versed in music as such and modern equipment that provides high-quality sound. Celebrated annually on January 20th.


DJs are responsible for the correct operation of all musical equipment. They can also make a tracklist for events, many of them write compositions on their own, which then light up any parties. Today, DJs can be found both at the performances themselves (with the help of “turntables” they change the sounds of the composition, transforming it), and in clubs or on the radio.

At first, DJs just played vinyl records. A real revolution in DJ art should be considered musical experiments on the radio by 16-year-old Ray Newby in 1909. He studied to be an engineer and was well versed in wireless communications. However, the word “DJ” appeared only a quarter of a century later. The radio commentator described radio announcer Martin Block as such a name. Since then, the word DJ has been firmly rooted in society.

Jimmy Savile was the first DJ to use turntables in his performances. In 1947, the Whiskey a Go Go nightclub hosted a disco, which has become entrenched in the history of DJing as the first disco with a personal DJ.

Interesting facts

  • Alan Freed is one of the most popular DJs in the world. He can be found under the nickname “Moon Dog”.
  • Thanks to DJs, such a dance as breakdancing arose. Without their “chopped” to the sounds of music, boys and girls would hardly be able to perform such movements.
  • DJs should always be up to date with the latest music, as well as find obscure tracks that are not corny and can still fire up the dance floor.

How to celebrate

Attend a National DJ Day party and enjoy the performance of the DJs. Learn more about how turntables and other DJ equipment work. Find out which musical compositions are currently at the peak of popularity.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Discuss with other users the experience of attending events where the DJ was present.

When is National DJ Day celebrated in 2024?

National DJ Day is observed on January 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday January 20 2024
Monday January 20 2025
Tuesday January 20 2026
Wednesday January 20 2027