National Deviled Egg Day - November 2
Wed, Nov 2, 2022

National Deviled Egg Day

National Deviled Egg Day – a holiday, at first glance, is dedicated to a simple dish, but it all depends on the filling. You can use green onions, bacon, crabs, olives, herring, caviar, favorite spices, mushrooms. Experiment, fantasize and join the army of millions of connoisseurs of this treat.


  • In 500 B.C. in the collection of imperial dishes there was a treat of eggs seasoned with wine, oil or broth, served with pepper or a plant that died out – a laser.
  • In the year 61, the dish appeared in the work “Satyricon”, during the feast, the guests ate songbirds marinated in heavily peppered yolks stuffed with eggs.
  • In 1786, the dish “Devil’s Eggs” appeared for the first time, they were so named for the spicy filling, which consists of yolk, mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise and ground pepper.
  • In 1940, mayonnaise was used to prepare the dish to combine all the ingredients.

How to celebrate

Be simple on this day, because the dish is simple – prepare a treat according to a classic recipe, prepare a filling of egg yolk, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and your favorite spices. If you like culinary experiments, prepare dessert stuffed eggs, add cream cheese, cocoa, powdered sugar, cream to the yolk. Read interesting recipes online and try new flavors. Here are some interesting suggestions – add parsley, tomatoes, or cheese and capers to the filling, another option is sour cream with green onions. Perhaps the most win-win filling is pepperoni, dill and olives. The Scandinavian version is caviar, onion and herring. It’s a great treat for any holiday or party, and it’s also a great source of protein.

When is National Deviled Egg Day celebrated in 2022?

National Deviled Egg Day is observed on November 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 2 2022
Thursday November 2 2023
Saturday November 2 2024
Sunday November 2 2025
Monday November 2 2026