National Day of Puppetry - April
Sat, Apr 27, 2024

National Day of Puppetry

National Day of Puppetry is an annual American holiday dedicated to puppetry. It is celebrated each year on the fourth Saturday in April. It’s a great day to explore a variety of puppets or go to a puppet show. Let’s learn more about it!


The history of National Day of Puppetry is devoid of details. Puppet shows began to be made in Ancient Greece around the 5th century B.C. The art gradually developed, improved and spread to new countries, just like its big brother – the classical theater.

In the United States, puppet theater began to develop in the second half of the 17th century. In contrast to Europe, the popularity of this trend here grew at a slower pace. However, every year more and more people came to the performances, because they were drawn here by mystery and enigma. The puppets, when skillfully manipulated, really do seem alive, moving on their own.

Significant changes in puppetry occurred in 1937, when puppeteer Tony Sarg and several others created the Puppeteers of America, which promoted this type of theater, talked about the structure and skills of puppet control and more.

Interesting facts

  • Dolls were known in ancient times and had a magical meaning, actively used in shamanistic ceremonies.
  • The following types of puppets are common in puppet theaters: glove puppets, finger puppets, puppet puppets, and roast puppets (the costume in which the person acts). In general, there are about 10 varieties.
  • The biggest doll appeared at the carnival in Santa Fe. Its height exceeded 15 meters.

How to celebrate

Learn more about puppet making and management. Try making a puppet to perform on your own! Attend puppet shows on the day.

Tell people about the party on social media. Ask users if they like puppet shows.

When is National Day of Puppetry Celebrated in 2024?

National Day of Puppetry is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. This year it is observed on April 27.


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Saturday April 26 2025
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