National Cookie Day - December 4
Mon, Dec 4, 2023

National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day is celebrated in America on December 4th. This holiday was created by Matt Nader, founder of the Blue Chip Cookies confectionery company, in 1987 as an opportunity to advertise his products. The date has since been embraced by competitors and cookie lovers alike!


Cookies are believed to have originated in Persia in the 7th century AD when sugar became available. Over time, the sweet treat spread throughout the world and is now enjoyed by many.

Interesting facts

  • In the 17th century, cookies were often dipped in wine at the end of a meal.
  • In Britain, they were served not as a treat, but as a means of freshening breath.
  • Travelers enjoyed them as a convenient snack.
  • During World War II, tea with biscuits became a popular trend due to a shortage of sugar.
  • Chocolate chips were added to cookies in 1937.

How to take part

Bake your favorite cookies and invite your family for a tasting. Throw a party and ask your friends to bring their favorite treats and find out how different flavors combine. Alternatively, organize a charity event by selling homemade cookies and donate the proceeds to organizations that need help.

When is National Cookie Day celebrated in 2023?

National Cookie Day is observed on December 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 4 2023
Wednesday December 4 2024
Thursday December 4 2025
Friday December 4 2026

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