National Consumer Rights Day - December 24
Sun, Dec 24, 2023

National Consumer Rights Day

National Consumers Right Day was created in India in 1986 to honor the corresponding law that allows people to protect their legal rights when purchasing goods and services. The purpose of the holiday is to make the public aware of their rights and how to act in a given situation.


The Consumer Rights Protection Law was approved by the Indian President and is referred to as the Great Map. It immediately broadened the rights of consumers, making it possible for people to not worry about fraudulent schemes or dishonesty from sellers. The Indian court system is highly effective in dealing with such matters and government businesses are also tested on how they handle complaints.

In 2019, the Indian Parliament updated the law due to the growth of the economy, innovation, market competition, and the fast-developing service sector. Every year, on the National Day, the most relevant topic is determined and discussed throughout the country.

Interesting facts

  • India has resources dedicated to complaints, such as “Jago Grahak Jago”, which quickly responds to and resolves disputes.
  • People have the right to demand an environmentally friendly environment for a full life.
  • Consumers can find out full information about the product, including everything the seller knows about it.
  • Citizens have the right to be protected from harmful goods.

How to take part

Read the Code of Conduct on National Consumers Right Day! Even if you live outside of India, compare the laws and spot the differences. Congratulate Indians on social media. Share information about the holiday with friends and have a good time!

When is National Consumer Rights Day celebrated in 2023?

National Consumer Rights Day is observed on December 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 24 2023
Tuesday December 24 2024
Wednesday December 24 2025
Thursday December 24 2026

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