National Chocolate Souffle Day - February 28
Wed, Feb 28, 2024

National Chocolate Souffle Day

National Chocolate Souffle Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to this wonderful dessert. Chocolate soufflé has won over millions of people with its tenderness and excellent taste. The holiday is celebrated on February 28.


Chocolate is a very old food product. It has been known to mankind for several thousand years. Scientists have found that chocolate first appeared in the Aztec and Mayan tribes who lived in Latin America. Back then it was liquid: the natives heated water over a fire, into which they poured the ground cocoa beans. Such a drink with a bright chocolate flavor was a significant part of various ceremonial rituals. Chocolate entered Europe during the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries, and the first bar of chocolate did not appear until 1842 in England.

The creation of chocolate soufflé once again confirms the great popularity of such a product as chocolate and its relevance in cooking. Souffle is a sweet product made from a custard base and well whipped egg whites. The recipe for this dessert is attributed to French chef Vincent La Chapelle, who published it in his recipe book back in 1742. This dish was prepared for the high society. Over time, the dessert has spread around the world, and today we celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day to enjoy it to the fullest!

Interesting facts

  • There is a restaurant in Paris called Le Soufflé, which is named after the dessert.
  • The main principle of soufflés is that the dough should swell, increase in size.
  • The largest soufflé in the world was 74 meters long and weighed over 1.7 tons.

How to celebrate

Head to Paris to try the chocolate soufflé at the original restaurant. Celebrating National Chocolate Souffle Day is a great excuse to test your culinary skills and surprise family and friends with a legendary self-made dessert.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users when they first tasted the chocolate soufflé and what impression the dessert left.

When is National Chocolate Souffle Day celebrated in 2024?

National Chocolate Souffle Day is observed on February 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday February 28 2024
Friday February 28 2025
Saturday February 28 2026
Sunday February 28 2027

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