National Chicken Cacciatore Day - October 15
Sat, Oct 15, 2022

National Chicken Cacciatore Day

Traditionally, National Chicken Cacciatore Day is celebrated on October 15 every year. Chicken cacciatore is a very tasty dish that you can please yourself and your family in the autumn period. Chicken meat has been used as a food in the US for a very long time, but in this cooking option, due to the large number of vegetables, it becomes the most useful.


Chicken cacciatore is an Italian cuisine that entered the United States with the first settlers. “Cacciatore” in Italian means “hunter”, and the food “alla cacciatore” is food “cooked in the hunting style”, that is, with onions and herbs. Traditionally, chicken cacciatore is served with spaghetti and wine is used as an aperitif.

The dish has existed since about the 14th century, and since then has undergone many modifications and changes. For example, in the USA it is often prepared with mushrooms and tomatoes, but the original recipe did not contain tomatoes at all. It is also traditionally customary to take not white, but dark meat for cacciatore, because it contains more fat.

Fun facts

  • in the 1600s chicken curry appeared in Anglo-Indian cuisine;
  • 1825 dates to the first recorded chicken curry recipe in Britain;
  • in 1911, they first created a recipe for fried chicken steak;
  • chicken cacciatore is cooked in the central part of Italy;
  • the original recipe for the traditional dish features chicken, potatoes, beans, and baguettes.

How to celebrate

The perfect celebration of National Chicken Cacciatore Day is visiting your favorite chicken cacciatore restaurant. You can try to cook it at home, especially since there is nothing particularly difficult in this – video recipes on the Internet clearly show what exactly and at what stage to add. A photo of the finished dish can be published on your page on the social network with the hashtag #ChickenCacciatoreDay.

When is National Chicken Cacciatore Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chicken Cacciatore Day is observed on October 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 15 2022
Sunday October 15 2023
Tuesday October 15 2024
Wednesday October 15 2025
Thursday October 15 2026