National Chess Day - October
Sat, Oct 8, 2022

National Chess Day

National Chess Day celebrates the oldest intellectual game on earth and all those involved in it. This is a real royal game! Despite the outward simplicity, it is considered the most difficult – you can’t sit down at the board and beat your opponent the first time: years have been trained in the art. Why not start exploring this holiday?


National Day was first observed on October 9, 1976. Gerald Rudolph Ford, the 38th President of America, is considered its founder. He was an avid gambler and glorified chess, believing it to be of tremendous benefit to the brain. Every year, professionals and amateurs come together to plunge into the magical world of chess.

Paul Morphy is considered a chess legend. Once he beat the European champion – Adolf Anderssen. The victory was difficult, but significant both for Morphy and for everyone who supported and knew him.

An analogue of chess appeared long before our existence. It is believed that the ancient ancestor is the Indian game Chaturanga. It does not look too much like a modern hobby, but it also had coincidences: figures, trajectories of movement. The differences were significant: 4 people played it (there were 4 shades on the field), the moves were decided by throwing the dice. When something more specific appeared is not known for certain. Perhaps this happened in the 600th century BC.

Interesting facts

Did you know that chess:

  • one of the most famous strategy games on the planet;
  • had many exotic interpretations in the Middle Ages. This concerned figures: riders, dragons, bishops;
  • distinguished by danger in ancient India – the loser was cut off a finger;
  • first mentioned in American history in 1641;
  • according to one of the Belgian institutes, they are the most difficult occupation in terms of stress.

How to celebrate

If you’ve never played, National Chess Day is the best time to get started! Read books by famous authors, watch documentaries, or contact a professional who will reveal all the secrets to you. Go to chess competitions and make sure that it is interesting not only to sit at the board directly, but also to watch from the sidelines.

When is National Chess Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chess Day is observed on the second Saturday in October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 8 2022
Saturday October 14 2023
Saturday October 12 2024
Saturday October 11 2025
Saturday October 10 2026

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