National Chaos Never Dies Day - November 9
Wed, Nov 9, 2022

National Chaos Never Dies Day

National Chaos Never Dies Day is celebrated annually on November 9th. The event has a rather deep philosophical meaning. The fact is that many perceive the modern world as madness and chaos. But it is impossible to run away and avoid it. Instead of trying to avoid something, it should be accepted and one of the ways is the National Chaos Never Dies Day.


Chaos is able to manifest itself in all aspects of human life and it arose long before the appearance of the term. In Greek mythology, there is the god Chaos – this is the most ancient deity that appeared before the universe. Thus, chaos is an integral part of our life, without it there can be no peace.

It is impossible to trace the origin of the holiday, but the essence and mission are clear – allow yourself to slow down a bit, arrange a break for yourself and rest. It is obvious that chaos cannot be completely removed from life, but you can come into harmony, calm down and be filled with energy for further achievements.

Interesting Facts

  • Psychologists note that numerous relaxing procedures and cosmetics will not help to eliminate chaos from life, it is rather for your own calm and psychological relief.
  • Each person puts their own meaning into the term “chaos” – for some it is a crazy rhythm, movement through a noisy city, and for someone it is weekly family dinners. In any case, chaos is what brings a person out of balance.
  • The mission of National Chaos Never Dies Day is to motivate people to face chaos boldly, challenge it and accept it as inevitable.
  • The author of chaos theory is Edward Lorenz, he received the Kyoto Prize for his work.

How to celebrate

Chaos will never disappear, so instead of fighting it, take a few extra hours of nap, you will return to your problems and questions tomorrow. If you think your life has gone crazy, watch an apocalyptic movie or read a book with a disaster plot. The story about the end of the world is sobering and clearly demonstrates that all the worries around are not worth worrying about. Indulge in relaxing treatments at the spa, an opportunity so rare in today’s world that we shouldn’t miss it.

When is National Chaos Never Dies Day celebrated in 2022?

National Chaos Never Dies Day is observed on November 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 9 2022
Thursday November 9 2023
Saturday November 9 2024
Sunday November 9 2025
Monday November 9 2026

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