National Card Playing Day - December 28
Wed, Dec 28, 2022

National Card Playing Day

On National Card Playing Day, people get together to sit at a large table and enjoy the hobby of gambling! It is not only entertaining, but also useful. The game develops mathematical abilities, psychological skills, develops memory and communication skills.


Researchers believe that this form of leisure appeared in the 12th century in China, then spread to India and other countries. Initially, the cards contained drawings, animal figures, images of deities. They were plates – they could be made of ivory. By the way, the Tarot was compiled by the priests of Egypt – the occultists believed that the wisdom of the universe was placed in the cards, which helps to know the fate of each person.

The first references to maps in Europe date back to 1377 in Switzerland. Since that time, there have been countless gambling bans! However, people still found loopholes and played. When the cards got into a new country, they inevitably changed – the states made adjustments to their appearance, reflecting their national features. Only the Tarot remained the same, and like their original version, they include the major and minor arcana.

National Day is celebrated on December 28 – this is the peak of the holidays! We are sure that the date was not chosen in vain: it’s time to take a break from the seasonal bustle and hype. Treat yourself to a calm evening, call your friends and take part in games.

Interesting facts

Curious moments:

  • during World War II, the Bicycle company creates special decks that are sent to American soldiers in German captivity. When wet, they showed escape routes;
  • ace – the strongest card (in the absence of the Joker). Its name comes from the old French word “ass”;
  • in the 14th century in France, they came up with the appearance of the cards that have survived to this day.

How to celebrate

You know what to do on National Card Playing Day! Organize a theme party or have a quiet evening – it all depends on how tired you are. Get a brand new deck of cards, play new games or remember old ones.

When is National Card Playing Day celebrated in 2022?

National Card Playing Day is observed on December 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday December 28 2022
Thursday December 28 2023
Saturday December 28 2024
Sunday December 28 2025
Monday December 28 2026