National Cancer Survivors Day - June 5
Sun, Jun 2, 2024

National Cancer Survivors Day

On the first Sunday in June, we celebrate the significant National Cancer Survivors Day, dedicated to the heroic people who faced this dangerous diagnosis and survived. On this day, those who succumbed to this incurable disease are also honored. Cancer treatment and discussing one’s personal experiences require immense courage.


Cancer survivors began to unite in 1986. A year later, at the second conference held in Albuquerque, the tradition was established. This holiday against the deadly disease has been celebrated since 1988. Rallies, processions, and simultaneous live broadcasts have been held in cities. A public movement with the eloquent name “Cancer Can Give” started in 2019. This movement symbolizes society’s solidarity and provides opportunities for sick people.

Interesting Facts

The event is held on the first Sunday of June.

  1. Meetings and key events took place even during periods of strict restrictions. An online format was chosen.
  2. The event’s symbol is colored red and pink.
  3. Studies show patients undergoing chemotherapy might avoid concomitant negative symptoms and can even continue to maintain a normal lifestyle, engaging in light work.
  4. Chemotherapy is administered by injection, and sometimes medication in the form of tablets and creams is used.

Despite earlier reports, there is now evidence that vitamins do not affect chemotherapy.

How to Take Part

Take part in a support event or organize your own meeting by applying to the NCSD. This organization helps carry out actions, providing speakers, doctors, and presentations to representatives of the press, raising awareness.

Life with a cancer diagnosis can be active and productive. Surrounded by caring people, miracles can happen, and the disease can recede. Keep faith, fight for life. Love triumphs over death!

When is National Cancer Survivors Day celebrated in 2024?

National Cancer Survivors Day is observed on the first Sunday in June each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 2 2024
Sunday June 1 2025
Sunday June 7 2026
Sunday June 6 2027
Sunday June 4 2028
Sunday June 3 2029