National Bad Poetry Day - August 18
Sun, Aug 18, 2024

National Bad Poetry Day

If you have no poetic talent, but you love to compose quatrains, National Bad Poetry Day is a great opportunity to unleash your potential! Not everyone knows how to write well, but this does not mean you need to stop yourself. Share creativity, even if it can frankly be called bad. After all, there is a good excuse on this date!

The History

Many consider Thomas and Ruth Roy to be the founders of this holiday. Some do not support this version, assuring they are not the creators. We are not in a position to confirm this.

People have always appreciated poetry: it makes us cry, laugh, sad, and rejoice. There are many great people in the world who left traces in history.

The goal is simple – share your results with others, even if it is so bad that loved ones start laughing! This is a great occasion to show the poems to others, as well as to read the rhymes of others.

Interesting facts

  1. The modern form of poetry was born in 1850.
  2. The first American poet was Anne Bradstreet.
  3. There are many words that cannot rhyme.
  4. The oldest poems were written in the XXIII century BC.
  5. One of the shortest works was created by George MacDonald. It consisted of three words and read: “Come back home.”

How to take part

We wrote that on National Bad Poetry Day, you need to share experiences with others – do it on social media; for example, on Twitter or Facebook.

Throw a party with your friends and come up with a competition for the worst work.

On this day, there are various events for reading bad lines; this is an occasion to visit them!

When is National Bad Poetry Day celebrated in 2024?

National Bad Poetry Day is observed on August 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 18 2024
Monday August 18 2025
Tuesday August 18 2026

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