Musical Yoga Day - August 26
Mon, Aug 26, 2024

Musical Yoga Day

Musical Yoga Day is a celebration for those who love to practice yoga accompanied by specific musical compositions. While some yoga practitioners avoid using music during class, viewing it as a distraction, many yoga teachers and practitioners find it indispensable. Music helps set the rhythm, establish the desired mood, enhance the meditation process, and can either completely relax or energize movements during dynamic exercises.


It is not known who initiated Musical Yoga Day, celebrated on August 26th. However, it is likely that it was started by someone involved in yogic practices, possibly a teacher who observed excellent results when incorporating music into their classes.

Interesting facts

  1. Some yoga teachers use music in class, but only if it does not distract from the practice of yoga. Music with vocals can be considered a distraction. Some teachers prefer to use mantras or piano music.
  2. Chanting mantras is a common practice in yoga, and it is believed that the right music can be just as effective as mantras.
  3. Music can help practitioners enter a state of “flow,” setting the right rhythm and acting as a link between the energy of the soul and the physical body.
  4. Music is considered a universal language of communication and can help unite and understand people of different cultures. It can convey what is difficult to explain in words.
  5. Calm music can positively affect the nervous system, reducing anxiety, relaxing, and stabilizing breathing, blood pressure, and pulse. Active music can inspire the body to move, making dynamic exercises more enjoyable.

How to take part

On Musical Yoga Day, yoga practitioners can update their playlists for classes or try new songs that can enhance their practice. If you haven’t taken yoga classes yet, you can attend your first lesson and experience how doing exercises with music can make it more enjoyable.

When is Musical Yoga Day celebrated in 2024?

Musical Yoga Day is observed on August 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 26 2024
Tuesday August 26 2025
Wednesday August 26 2026
Thursday August 26 2027
Saturday August 26 2028
Sunday August 26 2029

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