More Herbs, Less Salt Day - August 29
Mon, Aug 29, 2022

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

More Herbs, Less Salt Day is a holiday celebrated on August 29 and dedicated to strengthening our health. Excessive salt intake can have negative consequences – hypertension, heart disease, digestive disorders. Heart disease can lead to stroke, heart attack, and even death. Kidney function can also deteriorate, excess salt disrupts blood flow to the kidney tissue. Tests done on mice also show links to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease due to high sodium intake.

The Dietary Guidelines (DRI) advise a daily salt intake of less than 1500 milligrams. Fast food uses a lot of salt, and this greatly contributes to the increase in the “fatty” of our body. Many one-time instant meals contain 2000 milligrams or more of salt!


The origin of More Herbs, Less Salt Day and the connection to August 29 is unknown. But it is worth paying attention to the advice of the World Health Organization: it is advisable for adults to consume no more than 5 g (incomplete teaspoon) of salt per day.

Interesting facts

There are seasonings that are quite capable of completely replacing salt in your dishes, while they are not salt substitutes. Try cooking your favorite dishes with sun dried tomatoes, garlic, scallions, onions, oregano, curry powder, paprika, lemon juice, and cinnamon. This is not just healthy – the taste will become more original!

How to celebrate

More Herbs, Less Salt Day is worth starting on the specified day and continuing throughout life. For your health:

  1. Study labels on products in stores and hypermarkets. Shop smart – many brands contain more sodium in their products than others.
  2. Prepare seasoning mixes that do not contain salt. This is a wide field for experimentation: use different herbs and spices to create seasonings that suit you. Getting used to the lack of salt is not easy, but you just need to wait.
  3. Grow herbs in your own garden. This is not difficult. And cheaper than buying organic products. You will have fresh and healthy seasonings for your favorite dishes.

When is More Herbs, Less Salt Day celebrated in 2022?

More Herbs, Less Salt Day is observed on August 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday August 29 2022
Tuesday August 29 2023
Thursday August 29 2024
Friday August 29 2025
Saturday August 29 2026

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