Make Your Bed Day - September 11
Mon, Sep 11, 2023

Make Your Bed Day

Make Your Bed Day is an interesting and unusual American holiday. It is dedicated to a rather boring and routine activity for most people – putting their bed in order. When you wake up in the morning, you often don’t feel like getting up and making your bed. This holiday will help develop a good habit.


The exact date of the appearance of Make Your Bed Day is not known. The holiday is celebrated on September 11 every year. It is believed it refers to antiquity, when people slept in makeshift beds on the floor. It definitely had to be cleaned – otherwise, people would constantly stumble over it during the day.

A holiday doesn’t mean you have to literally just make your bed and continue this day just like the rest. Make Your Bed Day is a great opportunity to rethink your life, become more energetic, make a daily plan, and improve yourself.

Interesting fact

  • Scientists have found that the sight of a made-up bed creates a feeling of comfort in the room and adds energy. The overall performance of a person increases. There are no thoughts to lie down for a couple of hours, because you need not just lie down on the bed, but again prepare it for sleep.
  • If you put the bed in order after getting up, it will allow you to quickly drive away the remnants of sleep. Your brain will understand the day has begun.
  • Developing this simple habit will make you more disciplined and composed.

How to take part

Make Your Bed Day can be celebrated in many ways. It is advisable to devote this day to self-development and your favorite business. Remove boredom, laziness, and a bad mood. Make your bed and enjoy the energy of a vibrant life.

Ignore the weather, annoying people, and so on. Recall long-term goals and start working on them. Don’t put things off until tomorrow, next week, or next month. Let this day be the starting point for becoming more disciplined and energetic, and ready to overcome any difficulties!

When is Make Your Bed Day celebrated in 2023?

Make Your Bed Day is observed on September 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 11 2023
Wednesday September 11 2024
Thursday September 11 2025
Friday September 11 2026

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