Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day - December 27
Tue, Dec 27, 2022

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day is always fun, because today we plunge into the exciting creativity that we did in school. It’s great if you tell the children about the holiday so that the tradition is not forgotten. Stock up on paper, scissors and join us!


Paper cutting came to us from antiquity. The occupation appeared in the 2nd century BC. in China – it was here that the material familiar to us appeared. Of course, wealthy people could afford to “spoil” its integrity; the cost of paper was colossal. Finished products were decorated at home and used in rituals.

Technology developed, paper gained a lower price, now even low-income people used it. The carving became a national treasure and was called “Jianzhi”. Later it spread throughout Eurasia. Many countries saw something magical and attractive in craftsmanship: the rumor about it was transmitted so quickly that soon a huge number of people engaged in unique creativity appeared.

In addition to snowflakes, there were other forms of paper patterns. Triangles, squares, stars, plants, images of animals and birds were mainly used. Each nationality made its own adjustments to art, it became more and more interesting! Houses were decorated with patterns: walls, furniture, windows.

Interesting facts

Did you know that snowflakes:

  • actually not white, but transparent. The habitual hue is due to the scattering of sunlight;
  • consist of ice crystals and can be considered minerals;
  • have many subspecies: stars, needles, columns, plates, irregular crystals, etc.;
  • 95% air;
  • first photographed by a Vermont farmer in 1885.

How to celebrate

You know what to do in Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day! Check the instructions on the Internet if you forgot the intricacies of the process. Get your family involved and organize a competition for the best product. Post photos on social networks and surprise your followers.

When is Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day celebrated in 2022?

Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day is observed on December 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday December 27 2022
Wednesday December 27 2023
Friday December 27 2024
Saturday December 27 2025
Sunday December 27 2026