Limerick Day - May 12
Fri, May 12, 2023

Limerick Day

Remember short, humorous poems with made-up words, and celebrate the wonderful Limerick Day on May 12. Read and share these funny poems. Enjoy yourself; allow yourself to show your wit in the company of friends or colleagues.

The The History

Similar rhymes appeared in the XVIII century in Great Britain. Edward Lear contributed to the popularization of the genre. He created more than 200 poems, which at first reading will not reveal their true meaning. Words used are figments of the imagination. A poem has 3-5 lines, written according to the unique rules for creating these rhymes. Modern limericks reflect current difficulties; they raise acute social and political issues, like a kind of satire.

Interesting Facts

The meaning of limericks seems to be absurd, funny, rude, boorish, vulgar, and even sometimes unnecessarily cruel: a tribute to their creator’s original sense of humor.

The limerick is named after a city in Ireland.

  1. Even a person who does not have a talent for literature and creativity can write a limerick: it is easy, interesting, fascinating, and the result is often funny.
  2. People who do not like classical poetry may show an emotional response to a limerick.

Limericks are associated with childhood, and so take us back to the past, when boys and girls got acquainted with funny poems, the names of heroes, and funny deeds at their school desks for the first time. Read your favorite old poems to your children. Simple, affordable entertainment makes escaping from everyday worries a breeze.

When is Limerick Day celebrated in 2023?

Limerick Day is observed on May 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday May 12 2023
Sunday May 12 2024
Monday May 12 2025