League of Women Voters Day - February 14
Wed, Feb 14, 2024

League of Women Voters Day

The holiday has a long and interesting history. Initially, the League of Women Voters Day was created by women to fight for their suffrage. For centuries, the fair sex has sought equality with men during the voting. Later, the interpretation of the celebration expanded. It began to be called the day of women’s struggle for rights.


League of Women Voters Day is celebrated annually on February 14.  Although it coincides with Valentine’s Day, there is nothing in common between them. It has existed since 1924. The date of celebration coincides with the day and year of the founding of the League of Women Voters in the United States, which is still in force.

Interesting facts

  • On that day, women held mass demonstrations on their rights;
  • In many cities of America on February 14, large-scale events are held to promote feminism;
  • Administrations of large US cities organize information and educational actions on this day. The main topic is the right to vote and how a woman can use it. Information is distributed with the help of bottle stickers, posters, thematic booklets, stickers.

How to celebrate

The holiday is not very popular and is not celebrated at the state level. There are no mass processions or festivities, but small demonstrations and protests are held in squares and squares by women dissatisfied with the violation of their rights. If elections to the legislative assembly or municipal governments are held on that day, prizes, souvenirs or memorable gifts may be distributed to women who come to vote.

There are many ways to celebrate League of Women Voters Day. You can go to the polls or participate in online voting, as well as read literature about the history of women’s struggle for rights.

One of the best ways to join the celebration is to go to a meeting with representatives of the feminist movement or write a letter to the American League of Women Voters.

The main meaning of the holiday is the equality of men and women. All over the world there are struggles for the active participation of women in political life. In many countries, the beautiful half dreams of introducing such a celebration, but so far it is only in the United States.

When is League of Women Voters Day celebrated in 2024?

League of Women Voters Day is observed on February 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday February 14 2024
Friday February 14 2025
Saturday February 14 2026
Sunday February 14 2027

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