Just Because Day - August 27
Sat, Aug 27, 2022

Just Because Day

Just Because Day is an amazing holiday when you can do something weird, funny or kind without having to explain why! This is a great opportunity to relax, escape from the daily routine and feel the taste for life!


A person named B. Lynn Goodwin reports that the “first version” of Just Because Day was first celebrated not on August 27, as it is now, but on the third Wednesday of May. And this holiday was invented by his father, Joseph J. Goodwin, in the late 1950s or early 1960s, when he lived in Los Gatos (California). It all started with a transistor radio that he gave to his wife. This day has become a family holiday celebrated annually. According to Goodwin Jr., the essence of the holiday was not in the radio, but in a free evening and communication of the whole family. And his sister carried this tradition into her own family.

Interesting facts

The great Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali did not know about Just Because Day, but he knew how to celebrate it on any day! He could get out of the Paris metro, leading an anteater on a gilded leash. Read a lecture to students in a diving suit. Appear in public with a loaf of bread or a herring on your head!

How to celebrate

Celebrate Just Because Day by doing something that lifts your spirits and makes you happier:

  1. Take an unplanned vacation day – allow yourself to relax in the middle of the work week.
  2. Buy a thing that does not bring practical use, but you like it. Buy a beautiful souvenir, a child’s toy, a cute house plant or a pool table – maybe you have dreamed of learning how to play pool all your life!
  3. Play with the children – let them become “parents” for half a day, and you will be their “child”. You will learn a lot of interesting things about your own family and methods of education!
  4. Do something you didn’t dare to do before. Paint a picture, create an abstract sculpture, join a fitness class, dye your hair an unexpected color.
  5. Knock on the neighbors and praise their flower garden, dog, facade design.
  6. Walk in a new direction.
  7. Give someone a bouquet of flowers and say a compliment. Because!

When is Just Because Day celebrated in 2022?

Just Because Day is observed on August 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 27 2022
Sunday August 27 2023
Tuesday August 27 2024
Wednesday August 27 2025
Thursday August 27 2026

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