International Translation Day - September 30
Sat, Sep 30, 2023

International Translation Day

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30. The holiday is dedicated to the profession which unites different continents, countries, and nationalities. Today there are a huge number of areas in which translators work – artistic, technical, oral, terminology, and professional. On this day, pay attention to linguists and thank them for their interesting and useful work.


Today it is difficult to imagine the world without translators, because then we would not be able to read foreign literature or watch films in the original language. In such a world, great works and achievements in various sciences would lose all meaning. Translators perform an important mission with their work – they unite nations, establish dialogue, and increase the productivity of international discussions. The holiday was established by the International Federation of Translators in 1953.

Interesting Facts

  • September 30 was not chosen by chance – this is a holiday dedicated to St. Jerome, who translated the Bible from Greek manuscripts into Latin.
  • The most translated book in the world is the Bible.
  • The translation industry is 300 thousand professional specialists and a turnover of 40 billion dollars.
  • One translator translates approximately 520 words per year on average.

How to take part

Thank the translators for their work. If you know a linguist, you can do it personally. If not, write a thank you post on social networks. Try to translate something or sign up for a foreign language course. If you are engaged in choosing a profession, think about working as an interpreter – it is prestigious, honorable, and very exciting.

When is International Translation Day in 2023?

International Translation Day is observed on September 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 30 2023
Monday September 30 2024
Tuesday September 30 2025
Wednesday September 30 2026