International Stage Management Day - October 10
Tue, Oct 10, 2023

International Stage Management Day

International Stage Management Day is celebrated on October 10th and is a day to celebrate the work professionals do behind the scenes. Although we may not see them in person, they are essential to making the show a reality.


International Stage Management Day was founded in 2013 by the Stage Management Association (SMA). Since its inception, the day has served to bring awareness to the hard work that takes place outside of the stage. As the popularity of the holiday grows, more and more people are beginning to think outside of the box and appreciate the role of stage management.

The director-producer is responsible for a lot more than just managing the scene. They are tasked with creating rehearsal schedules, arranging costumes, communicating with actors, and taking care of theatre departments. The qualities of a good specialist include excellent communication skills, the ability to motivate and inspire, and stress-resistance.

Interesting facts

Did you know that the director also:

  • acts as a bridge between creative and technical departments;
  • oversees the setup of equipment;
  • is responsible for the operation of props;
  • ensures the safety of the team.

How to take part

Learn more about this wonderful profession by reading books, watching movies, and keeping up with the news. Or, talk to a specialist in person and hear their amazing stories. Show your appreciation for their work by sending flowers or a box of chocolates after a show, or gather like-minded people and spread awareness on the internet.

When is International Stage Management Day celebrated in 2023?

International Stage Management Day is observed on October 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 10 2023
Thursday October 10 2024
Friday October 10 2025
Saturday October 10 2026