International Scrapbooking Industry Day - march
Mon, Mar 4, 2024

International Scrapbooking Industry Day

International Scrapbooking Industry Day is an international holiday dedicated to scrapbooking. This hobby remains relevant for people of all ages. For those who do not know, scrapbooking is a method of preserving memories in a diary, through notes, pasting photos, printed pictures and other things that reflect important and interesting events in life. The holiday is celebrated annually on March 4.


Scrapbooking can be called a progressive form of conventional collage. The album is an entire art form that looks at a person’s life. Photos and written records can be diluted with letters, postcards, book pages, and more. Everything that left a pleasant imprint on a person’s soul can be found right here!

The history of International Scrapbooking Industry Day is not known. Just someone very enterprising decided to offer the community such a warm and interesting holiday, which was quickly picked up and became popular.

The first scrapbooking albums (read: scrapbooking) appeared as early as the 15th century in England. Then people started making books of sorts for themselves, bringing together important letters, someone’s sayings, proverbs, recipes, and more. It was such folk designs that served as the basis for scrapbooking in the form we now know it.

In the 16th century, so-called friendship albums emerged, in which one could find records of joint events, memorabilia after visiting excursions and joint travels, sketches, and so on.

In the early 20th century, scrapbooking was popular among students. Since cameras were not available at the time, this was the only way to preserve student memories for life.

Interesting facts

  • Thomas Jefferson was a big fan of scrapbooking. His well-known work in this direction is On the Presidency.
  • In 1825, The Scrapbook was published with guidelines for completing these commemorative scrapbooks.

How to celebrate

Revisit your scrapbooks, maybe you can add new memories to it. Get together with friends or family and go through each other’s scrapbooks. Believe me, it will be an extraordinary journey through life. If you still don’t have a scrapbook to keep, International Scrapbooking Industry Day is the best way to start one from the current moment in your life.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have done scrapbooking.

When is International Scrapbooking Industry Day in 2024?

International Scrapbooking Industry Day is observed on March 4 each year.


Monday march 4 2024
Tuesday march 4 2025
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