International Jazz Day - April 30
Tue, Apr 30, 2024

International Jazz Day

On April 30 is a holiday associated with a wonderful genre of music. This is International Jazz Day, uniting lovers of languid saxophone sounds under banners of love and aesthetic, acoustic joy, which is bestowed by talented musicians. Listen to your favorite recordings; admire the virtuoso skill of performers devoted to their creative path to perfection in jazz.

The History

The trend appeared in Louisiana a century ago. New compositions that were a mixture of reggae and blues, with Afro-American roots, appeared. The holiday was approved on the initiative of musicians in 2011. Herbie Hancock is recognized as its founder. This composer and UNESCO ambassador turned jazz into an elegant, harmonious instrument of diplomacy that helped people from different countries to find common interests.

Interesting facts

Jazz is considered classic American musical art.

  1. Latin American performers play jazz using cymbals and bongos.
  2. Improvisation was developed in jazz.
  3. If you want to dance and sing along to jazz, then try swing sounds, the most popular kind of jazz music, characterized by a fast rhythm and catchy melody.
  4. Jazz has a strong connection with gospel; there is a separate genre called Soul Jazz.

It is time to attend a concert and enjoy the music in real time. A noticeable attribute of the event is a magical atmosphere, eliminating the anxieties of everyday troubles.

When is International Jazz Day celebrated in 2024?

International Jazz Day is observed on April 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday April 30 2024
Wednesday April 30 2025

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