International Day of the Female Orgasm - August 8
Thu, Aug 8, 2024

International Day of the Female Orgasm

International Day of the Female Orgasm is dedicated to female sexual pleasure and awareness of it among the masses. This day helps women and men discuss this issue without fear and embarrassment. For a long time, the female orgasm was a taboo topic, and now we must completely rid it of stigma.


This holiday was established in Brazil in 2007 at the municipal level on the initiative of Arimateo Dantas. In the city, with the support of activists and the local church, educational events dedicated to female sexuality were held. Currently, the day is celebrated all over the world, and some countries have national orgasm days.

Interesting facts

  • Until now, mass female circumcision is carried out in some countries, which involves the removal of the head of the clitoris so that women cannot feel the pleasure of sex.
  • The significance of the clitoris for the female orgasm was ignored in medicine until the 19th century, and the features of its structure were not precisely established until close to the end of the 20th century.
  • In most cases, an inability to achieve orgasm is due to the ineptness of partners.

How to take part

Read more about the history and physiology of the female orgasm – this information will be very useful to you in any case. If you are a man, please your partner, and if you are a woman, dedicate this day to your own pleasure.

Write a post on a social network dedicated to the holiday, or repost something. This will raise the visibility of the International Day of the Female Orgasm. If you are brave enough, you can you’re your subscribers about your own experience.

When is International Day of the Female Orgasm celebrated in 2024?

International Day of the Female Orgasm is observed on August 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 8 2024
Friday August 8 2025
Saturday August 8 2026