International Day of Radiant Peace - September 22
Thu, Sep 22, 2022

International Day of Radiant Peace

The International Day of Radiant Peace is celebrated annually on September 22, and this is an excellent occasion to think about existing peace projects, take part in them, and spread the idea of ​​Radiant Peace. Take a day to feel peace within yourself, regardless of race, age, gender, religious beliefs.


The holiday was founded by the informal, public organization Radiant Peace Foundation International, founded in 1986 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Initially, it was celebrated on June 22, but then it was decided to postpone the date to September 22. For the first time, solemn events were held in Florida, the idea was supported with pleasure by the mayor of the city of St. Petersburg, but gradually they joined the celebration in England, Ireland, and Romania. That is why the holiday received international status.

Interesting Facts

  • The initiator of the holiday was the mayor of the city of St. Petersburg – David J. Fisher, he dreamed of seeing a world filled with light, peace and wanted to share this with the people around him.
  • It was David J. Fisher who founded the Radiant Peace Foundation International, which later became a foundation whose members promote the ideas of peace.
  • The Foundation has a Museum, which contains interesting interactive exhibits, as well as original projects dedicated to world peace, created by people from different countries.
  • The organization implements peace projects in many countries, attracts millions of people.

How to celebrate

Dedicate this day to walks, walk in the forest, along the lake, on the embankment, watch nature, listen to its sounds. Slow walks help to relax, come to a state of peace and harmony. Make your own list of ways in which you can express the idea of ​​the Shining World, share ideas on social networks. Organize a party in the style of “Shining World”, enjoy your favorite drinks, treats, beautiful music, fun entertainment.

When is International Day of Radiant Peace in 2022?

International Day of Radiant Peace is observed on September 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 22 2022
Friday September 22 2023
Sunday September 22 2024
Monday September 22 2025
Tuesday September 22 2026

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