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You need to correctly understand the meaning of the celebration of Stupid Guy Thing Day – this is a day of fun and jokes, and not ridiculing people for stupid things! Sure, a lot of guys do stupid things. They don’t listen to their girls and then they say, “You should have told me about this!” They assemble furniture and appliances without reading the instructions. They are embarrassed to admit that they feel unwell and harm their own health, they populate all the surfaces in the house with lost socks … But don’t girls do a million other stupid things?


Thomas Roy worked as a radio host and TV actor before co-founding Wellcat Holidays & Herbs with his wife Ruth to sell natural products. In order to promote, the couple created the Wellcat Holidays web resource and came up with many wonderful holidays to diversify people’s lives and make it more fun and joyful. Stupid Guy Thing Day is one of those holidays suitable for everyone. It may seem that the holiday is a real joy for women. But guys can also celebrate it perfectly, perceiving it as a day of self-irony! If you don’t know how to laugh at yourself – a bad sign, you are too tense and dependent on someone else’s opinion.

Interesting facts

In the US, Stupid Guy Thing Day can be heard on many radio broadcasts. It seems that Thomas Roy worked on the radio for good reason and enjoys connections in this area!

How to celebrate

To have a great holiday without offense:

  1. Women can come up with a list of stupid things their boyfriends have never done! And solemnly read it. Are you happy that your boyfriend didn’t get to fight the grizzly?
  2. Guys can write funny life stories on social networks: many people know how to talk funny about their own mistakes.
  3. Organize a contest together to see who can remember the most stupid things done by historical figures or celebrities. There is nothing to complex – absolutely everyone does stupid things!

When is Stupid Guy Thing Day Celebrated in 2022?

Stupid Guy Thing Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on June the 22nd each year.