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National Peach Ice Cream Day is a celebration that combines two of the most delicious summer treats – ice cream and peaches. What could be better on a hot summer day than enjoying the aroma and taste of an amazing dessert. Not surprisingly, the holiday falls on July 17, when the shops are overflowing with ice cream, fresh peaches, so you can either buy a ready-made treat or buy everything you need and prepare a treat yourself.

The History

Information about the author of National Peach Ice Cream Day has not been preserved, but the history of ice cream is well known, and July 17 is a great date to find out who we owe such a delicious dessert to. Chilled sweetness first appeared in the 2nd century BC. Of course, today’s ice cream only remotely resembles the first treats, which were more like ice chips flavored with honey, sometimes honey was replaced with nectar. In China in the 7th century, they also liked to enjoy a dessert on a hot day, which resembled ice cream, which was made from buffalo milk, camphor and flour. Dessert was also prepared from milk and rice – they boiled sweet milk porridge and cooled it in the snow. It was not until the 16th century that ice cream acquired the form and taste familiar to modern man.

Interesting Facts

  • Alexander the Great was a big fan of ice cream.
  • According to one legend, Marco Polo first saw how the dessert was prepared in China and brought the recipe to Italy in the 13th century.
  • The first mention of sweets dates back to 1744, when Maryland Governor William Bladen wrote in his letter that the treat had arrived in North America.
  • The first advertisement for the dessert appeared in 1777 in the New York Gazette.
  • Most peaches are grown in the states of California, as well as South Carolina.
  • The state of Georgia in America is also called the peach state.

How to celebrate

There are many different ways to celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day. The easiest is to buy a dessert in the store and enjoy its amazing taste. You can cook a treat yourself or visit a cafe. Be sure to throw a party and treat your guests to delicious peach ice cream. Share the holiday on social media using the hashtag #NationalPeachIceCreamDay.

When is National Peach Ice Cream Day Celebrated in 2022?

National Peach Ice Cream Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 17th each year.