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International Nurses Day is a day of gratitude and recognition of humane, important and irreplaceable profession. Nurse is the doctor’s faithful assistant, taking care of your well-being. Thank and congratulate your nurse on her professional holiday.


International Nurses Day was established in 1971 by the International Council of Nurses. The date of May 12 was chosen in honor of the first English nurse’s birthday, Florence Nightingale, founded the Nursing School in 1860. Holiday purpose is expressing gratitude and recognition to nurses caring daily for patients’ well-being, safety and recovery.

It’s worth noting the nursing profession appeared much earlier than its name. Its first representatives didn’t have a medical education: nuns, ministers of churches and volunteers assisted, cared for the sick and dying.

Entire communities have been created in Europe dedicated to this difficult work. At first, they cared for the sick and dying, and later also treated wounded soldiers.

Often nurse remains unnoticed, and all the merits for patient’s recovery are attributed to the doctor. But nurse does as much work as doctor. There are regularly cases when the nurse notices certain facts, nuances, makes important decision for patient’s life and health.

How to celebrate

This day information conferences, concerts, festive dinners are organized. Each person can personally congratulate the nurses.

  • If you happen to be in the hospital, present a small bouquet of flowers to your nurse, expressing your gratitude and appreciation
  • Organize volunteering.
  • Print and distribute information flyers.
  • Launch a social media flash mob using #InternationalNursesDay hashtag.

When is International Nurses Day celebrated in 2022?

International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 each year.