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On April 29, time to feel rhythm, plunge into alluring atmosphere on dance floor, International Dance Day is celebrated, proclaiming art of moving to music as effective therapy to get rid of bad thoughts, dismal mood. Turn on favorite songs, sing along and move as heart tells. Use ability to be happy.

The History

Holiday was established and recognized in 1982. Event calls to unite dancers from different countries under auspices of magical creative art. Celebration date was determined not by chance, but intentionally: birthday of talented choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre. Holiday promotes popularization of dance communities, development and promotion. Representative office of Dance Committee creates special greeting in dance form for holiday directed by choreographer earned honorable duty. Dance is presented as gift, festive concert part. Enchanting fascinating spectacle admired by youth, elderly people. Power of art affects.

Fun facts

No need to adhere to strict frameworks, try to find canons in celebration. Dance, forget about worries.

  1. Pointe shoes were first worn by Prima in ballet «La Sylphide» in 1832. Dancer’s name was Marie Taglioni.
  2. Dancing is popular. Films dedicated to activity tell about hard work of dancers, motivate to achieve goals, go in direction of fulfilling daring dream.
  3. In China, national dance is called Dragon Dance, performed by large team using poles. They are needed to maintain imitation of winged creature figure on stage. The dance where main character is dragon with long body — harbinger of good luck.

Television highly ranks shows with concept of opposing dancers. They compete separately or in teams. The prize is opportunity to train with the best choreographers getting chance to become unsurpassed master in dance style. There are huge opportunities for self-realization.

When is International Dance Day Celebrated in 2022?

International Dance Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on April the 29th each year.