Hell is Freezing Over Day - January 31
Wed, Jan 31, 2024

Hell is Freezing Over Day

Almost everyone knows the expression “when hell freezes over.” It is most often used to describe a moment that the speaker thinks will never come. But few people know about the existence of Hell is Freezing Over Day. It is celebrated on the last day of the second winter month.


The expression gained popularity not only because of its frequent use in colloquial speech. It is also mentioned in art. One notable example is the Eagles’ second album. He is known to everyone thanks to the song “Hotel California”. Ten years before its release, the group announced a temporary cessation of activities. Many fans concluded that the musicians would no longer perform in full force. One of the participants also hinted at this. In one of his interviews, he said that the reunion would take place “when hell freezes over”. After the group nevertheless continued to perform, and the name of the album became symbolic.

The expression is especially relevant for the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere, but they understand it in its direct meaning. The holiday is celebrated in winter, it is at this time that temperatures drop as much as possible. Full freezing of reservoirs is not excluded, the streets are completely covered with snow, making it difficult to move, and strong winds and storms force people to stay at home.

Interesting facts

  1. One of the most famous works of the Renaissance is the Divine Comedy. It is in it that the author colorfully depicts a diagram of hell, consisting of nine circles. In the very center of the Underworld is the icy lake Cocytus. Here the traveler meets Lucifer. This place is the complete embodiment of the “frozen hell”, which is usually associated with an all-encompassing flame.
  2. There is a book called Where Hell Freezes Over: A Story of Amazing Courage and Survival. It belongs to the documentary genre. The authors talk about a journey to Antarctica and amazing adventures that could be the last in their lives.

How to celebrate

  1. If the weather does not please, then it is best to spend this holiday at home. You can have a loud party or, conversely, calmly celebrate the celebration alone. Choose a book that you have long wanted to read, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sit down near the fireplace.
  2. You can do something truly amazing. Since the idiom means an impossible event, then the best way to celebrate the holiday is to prove the opposite. Find a way to impress others.

When is Hell is Freezing Over Day celebrated in 2023?

Hell is Freezing Over Day is observed on January 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 31 2024
Friday January 31 2025
Saturday January 31 2026
Sunday January 31 2027