Guardian Angel Day - October 2
Sun, Oct 2, 2022

Guardian Angel Day

Guardian Angel Day is celebrated on October 2 and perfectly reflects the role of guardian angels in human life. We raise our eyes to the sky, thank the higher powers for the fulfillment of desires and protection from troubles… Faith has always saved and inspired Christians from all over the world. We invite you to celebrate the holiday with your family and say thank you to the invisible rescuers!


In biblical times, there are many references to guardian angels. In the Old Testament, it was written that they descend to earth and interfere in the development of the event. Also, angels are reputed to be intermediaries between man and God. Not only Christians believe in them – Muslims believe that there are 2 angels next to them: one of them stands in front, the other behind.

In the 16th century, interest in miraculous creatures increased, the Pope officially proclaimed October 2 as an official holiday. You can compare the date with Easter and Christmas – it is just as bright and kind. People do not get tired of thanking the Almighty that he appointed a guardian who saves from evil.

Interesting facts

Did you know that angels:

  • sexless, immortal and incorporeal;
  • may appear in human form;
  • come to people’s dreams to warn of impending danger;
  • they themselves choose the one whom they will patronize;
  • respond to requests and silently listen;
  • are always nearby;
  • love positive people – this confirms the fact that optimists are lucky most often;
  • give signals that most often no one notices;
  • protect hell (Islam).

How to celebrate

It is noteworthy that a survey was conducted in the United States, which showed that 75% of Americans believe in angels. That is why the holiday in the country is always felt! People gather with loved ones, talk about pressing issues, study prayers and thank the angels. Particular attention is paid to children – adults tell wonderful stories, decorate their homes with crafts, read religious books, sing songs.

When is Guardian Angel Day in 2022?

Guardian Angel Day is observed on October 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 2 2022
Monday October 2 2023
Wednesday October 2 2024
Thursday October 2 2025
Friday October 2 2026

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